Beauty & Beast in einem: Hiby R6 Pro II

Beauty & Beast in one: Hiby R6 Pro II

A few days ago we finally received the Hiby R6 Pro II DAPs and I was very excited to see Hiby's new "Pro" DAP. In my opinion, the name R6 makes absolutely no sense and is probably due to the (somewhat unfortunate) marketing.

Why? Because the R6 Pro II has absolutely nothing to do with the R6. In contrast to the predecessor R6 Pro, which shared the housing and various internal similarities with the R6, there is no recognizable relationship between the R6III and R6 Pro II. They are already fundamentally different on the outside and the Pro II also seems to be based on a completely different/new structure on the inside.

But it doesn't matter - name games or not, one thing immediately catches the eye and yes, opinions can be divided here:

"Personally, I think the R6 Pro II is the most beautiful DAP I've ever held in my hands!"

The case - especially the back - is elaborately designed and a real eye-catcher. Whether in black or, as tested by me, in bright violet.

In fact, I've long wished for a little more courage from DAP manufacturers when it came to color. The only manufacturer to be named here so far is Astell&Kern, whose colorful devices have fascinated me before.

And now Hiby dared - bravo and thank you!

Hiby R6 Pro IIHiby R6 Pro II

As you can see, Hiby (at least in the violet version) has consistently followed the violet theme through to the user interface.

Hiby R6 Pro IIHiby R6 Pro II

From follows Function

The back is particularly striking with its "hump", beveled edges and curved grooves. I assume that this is not only for design reasons, but also for functional reasons. The "hump" probably houses the battery and when you hold the R6 Pro II in your hands, you will notice that the beveled edges in the lower area offer a good grip for the fingers. This is particularly noticeable if you also use the supplied case - the Pro II lies comfortably and securely in your hand.

Hiby R6 Pro IIHiby R6 Pro II

In complete contrast to Astell & Kern, where the "angular design" is more of an end in itself, Hiby have really thought of something here, true to the motto "Form follows Function"! For me as a user experience designer, this is a step in the right direction! 🙌😊

By the way, the Pro II is surprisingly light for its size. Another plus for daily mobile use.


Of course, the inner values ​​are what count most with a DAP and the Pro II can also shine here: A total of three AKM DACs ensure appropriate conversion and the analog output section is not bad either!

In order to be able to put the R6 Pro II through its paces, I have attached one of my absolute favorites, the Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor. At 4499 CHF, the Multiverse Mentor is 6 times more expensive than the Hiby and definitely reveals every weakness - if there are any.

Hiby R6 Pro II

Wow - the two devices even match each other perfectly in terms of color - but do they also match in terms of sound?

The short answer is:


The R6 Pro II drives the Multiverse Mentor like there's no tomorrow - that is, without a hitch.

Hiby R6 Pro II

Although I usually power the Mentor with flagship DAPs of the caliber Hiby RS8, Cayin N8II or Cayin N7, the R6 Pro II manages Using all the advantages of this wonderful in-ear plays wonderfully powerful and detailed, with a great stage and presence.

Of course, the flagship DAPs mentioned above can do the fine intermediate tones a little better, resolve even more finely and the bass is even faster and more powerful - but - this is "moaning" at the very highest level!

Usually you would operate the Hiby R6 Pro II with in-ears or headphones in similar price regions and yet it is capable of higher things, and with high-end IEMs it almost outperforms itself and its price range.


What Hiby have created here tops their "run" in the development of affordable yet fantastic-sounding DAPs.


For well under 1000 CHF/EUR there is currently no real competition on the DAP market. I would say even a little more. The next level of sound will probably only come with Hiby's in-house RS6 R2R DAP.

Hiby R6 Pro II

The Hiby R6 Pro II is now available from Audio Essence.

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